The Four Most Important Interview Skills

When you are seeking a new job, the anxiety in your mind may cause you to skip the preparation and strategizing, needed to crack the interview. Your aim would be to use the process of interview in your favour by clearly showcasing your value and convincing the interviewers that hiring you would contribute positively towards the company’s goals. At the same time, you should spend some time on company research so that you have a clear picture of where you fit in.

Your medical specialty training will definitely be an added advantage that will help you stand out from the crowd.Below are four indispensable skills that you should possess while facing your medical interview:

Putting forward a personal brand that is clear and strong

Before facing an interview panel, you must ready yourself with a robust personal brand and professional brand messaging. Undergoing courses of medical interview preparation Australia offers will help you a lot. Several important questions that your professional value statement must answer are:

Who you are?

What skills you offer?

In what ways are you unique?

It is essential that before you write your resume, you have clear answers to each of these questions and more so if an interview is round the corner. Answering these questions is vital in the process of developing a distinct brand messaging. By answering them, you develop that professional value statement through which your interviewer gets to know what you have to offer. This helps them decide whether or not you are a good fit to their organisation.

Making a compelling statement

This being the age of social media, information about you is obtained not only from your resume, but also from your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles and your Twitter feed. The interview provides you the opportunity to fit together all these pieces into a cohesive whole and tell a story that demands respect. Your aim should be to highlight the positive impact your hiring will have on the organisation.

Making a note of accomplishments that are measurable

As accomplishments are the key selling points of your career during an interview, it is essential that they be measurable. Thus you should strive to put your achievements in perspective by adding statistics. Quantifying your contributions legitimises them and makes them sound more compelling. Past performance reviews and consultations with colleagues help a lot in this regard.

Assuming a positive and agreeable attitude

Never should we fail to stress upon the fact that the outlook and enthusiasm that you carry to the interview table will become key elements of your success. In the absence of a positive outlook and enthusiasm, you will never know how the interview is progressing. You should also be constantly aware of your body language and energy level during the entire course of the interview. It is equally important that you listen actively and make eye contact.