Important Things To Know About Horse Related Therapy

Riding horses always seem to be fun. The fun and the thrill of horse riding isn’t the only thing that you can gain from spending time with horses but there are many other versatile benefits that one can gain. Whether you are in need of a boost to your mental health or even physical health, spending time with horses or getting horse assisted therapy is the right solution. Before you take part in horse related therapy which is also known as equine therapy, it is important that you get to know more about it so that you can proceed into taking part in this therapy without having any doubts. Here are some essential information:

How Does It Origin?

It is always better to start with the origin of the therapy. This therapy origins from the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates where is mentioned the practice of equine assisted therapy Sydney in ancient Greece in his writing. Horse riding for a therapeutic outcome began in the 1950s and got fame in 1960s in Europe. A major reason for the fame of horse assisted therapy is because Danish Olympic medalist mentioned that riding horses helped her with recovering from polio.

How Does the Therapy Work?

Another important thing that you should know is how the therapy works. According to the therapists, riding a horse stimulates the muscles and the spine of a person. From what has been observed and found in studies, the more time that you spend riding horses, the better will be your balance, coordination, motor skills and also recovering from a physical condition.

What Conditions can Horse therapy be Used For?

There are a number of physical and mental conitions that horse assisted therapy efficiently treats and has shown great outcome. Some of these conditions are PTSD, Movement disorders such as cerebral palsy, Autism, Mood Disorders such as depression, grief, anxiety, anger management, etc. Horse therapy can also be used for those who doesn’t feel comfortable in talk therapy or any other type of therapies that are available.

What’s Special about Horses?

You might have wondered why horses are used for this therapy and not any other kind of an animal. Horses, just like cats and dogs have a calming effect and empathy. These features are magnified due to their large size as well. Horses are known to be great at understanding human emotion and also reciprocating with it. Spending time with horses will give you a much better understanding about who you are and would better you inside and out every day.